Tales from the Honeycomb

I so dont wanna do this

Well what else are you gonna do…I mean do you want him to get bored and kick your tail to the curb

No but I mean what if umm I look stupid or I mean this whole thing doesn’t come off right..what the heck am I suppose to do…are you gonna save me

I’ll always save you girl….I mean hey you know I’m good for it

Dang these shoes hurt…..well you can’t wear what you got on with sneakers

Why can’t I…I’m sure he’d still think I was sexy

yea right heifer….you’d look like someone’s grandmother

Err and I gotta shave my legs what the piss….hey the things we women do to look our best in the go girl outfit

I mean but dang….I look good in everything…just different variations of good right….umm no chic sometimes you scare your ownself in the mirror on those rough days so dont even try to deny it.

But I mean how can you set out on purpose to be sexxy. I mean I could do all this then bust my tail walking down the sidewalk….or what if someone mistakes me for a hooker with all this azz hanging out

How about you dont worry about looking like a hooker and worry about keeping him happy if you know what I mean.

But I mean can’t looking at my just be sexxy….well not if you just finished snoring and farting…I mean dang girl work a lil harder on your presentation

Aight…well here goes nothing….

Trench coat…check

Silver pumps…check

Black nightie…check

Ass hanging out…check

BWAHHHHHHHH I hope I dont bust my tail walking up the stairs.


How ya feeling Honey?

Oh when life was simple and you could do this and folks would laugh. Now if I do this folks will be like what crack is she smoking lol. Whenever I feel like I need a laugh or a smile I look at pics of my babies…this is one of my favs…Fat Fat is now 1 looking like he’s 3 lol. He loves talking on the bone (he can’t say phone) and uh huh is the new phrase for the month and ah wuv you (I love you) makes my heart melt.

Thanks Aunties Fat Fat for making me smile today 🙂

Jack Move

He’s always telling me to pay attention to my surroundings and I’m like I know I know…ok, ok. But the other night I saw first hand what he means and am sooo happy that I do pay attention to my surroundings.

We’re leaving the movies at around 1am after seeing Body of Lies and he says he needs to hit the ATM before we head home, I’m like why not wait till the morning and he’s like well I dont know if I’m gonna get up early cause you know I like to sleep in as late as possible so I wanna go now while we’re out…I’m like aight.

As we’re driving to the ATM I noticed that he’s driving kind of slow…I’m thinking what is he doing….his usual observe move lol which I’ve gotten use to over the last 4 years. I’m sure its saved us many times….none that I’ve witnessed though but hey whatever makes him feel safe. So we’re driving and this van is behind us and then the change lanes and get in front of us. We pull into the well lit parking lot of Bank of American somewhere in Riverdale (I think that’s where he said we were..off of BW parkway somewhere) and as we pull into the lot the same van that was following us pulls onto the street.

He’s like I wonder what they are doing…I’m like I dont know they prob wondering what you’re doing. He like yea but there are two ATM’s here…why are they sitting right there. I’m like I dont know but come on I’m tired. He’s like nah Sunshine (that’s what he calls me) hold fast. Dont you think its strange that they are sitting there on the side of the road when there is this wide open well lit parking lot here….and two ATM’s. I’m like yea that is strange so we put the lights on to pull off and see them put their lights on for a second I guess trying to see what we were doing and about 2 sec later they pull off. I’m like aight go to the ATM…he’s like hold on lets see if they swing around….sure enough about 1 min later the van had gone to the corner and apparently turned right at the light came down to the opening where you could see into the bank parking lots and busted a U turn….we’re both like what…..why didn’t they just go straight at the light…why come all the way down here to make a U turn…..

1. Why did they park on the street…he says so that running away would be easier. The parking lot is well lit and of course cameras are everywhere…if he had gotten out they could have robbed him the hopped in the car to get away without having to get out the parking lot

2. Did they just pick us at random…he was like prob since they just happened to be behind us.

3. Could they have been lost and just trying to get their bearings….yea right.

4. There were two ATM’s and a well lit parking lot would you sit on the side of the road

5. I’ve told him that if I even think I need to head to the ATM and its dark I go to CVS and buy something and just do debit when I get to the machine.

I think we just avoided a jack move Sunshine. I think we did too babe. I was soo happy to be in the safety of the house 🙂

I am so thankful I pay attention to my surroundings but even more so now cause what if he had just gotten out the car and not thought about what was going on around him…..I dont even wanna think about what could have happened…

Be careful out here folks, times are driving folks to do some crazy things…..if you doubt this just watch the news!

Pay Day is sucky Day

I can remember when I was younger and I’d get paid I would be all excited cause I could do what I wanted to with my money. I mean I was in college yes, but for the most part I got financial aid and my parents didn’t have to come up with money till my senior year and that’s only cause I got it in my bright head that I was gonna take 11 credits and not 12 so that I could intern lol great.

So I use to love me some pay day. I’d call the girls as soon as we got our workstudy checks and make plans to head to the mall or dinner or buy those Timbs (when I use to wear them) that I had been eyeing for a hot minute.

Now when pay days comes I’m looking forward to the next payday and trying to bargain with myself when I can buy those boots that I’ve wanted….or pick and choose between paying the cell bill or groceries lol. Good thing I now have a house phone but I still can’t be without the cell so if I end up eating tuna for a week I aint even mad lol.

I’ve contemplated getting a part time job, but with school, sorority stuff and just life period I DO NOT have the time….which is strange cause it seems like I’m just sitting at home when in actuality I’m getting rest lol. I have yet to sleep in on a weekend and those who know me, know that I needs my sleep. I will fight you over my sleep, I will CUT you over some sleep boy. However I can’t sleep all freakin day. This is sometimes where me and R bump heads, that man can stay in the bed on his day off…ALLLL DAY. I mean wake up at 2pm, eat some food, watch a lil tv then go right back to sleep..wake up at 8pm, eat and go back to sleep. I’m like dude can we go outside the house LOL. So if I’m gonna stay over there on the weekends I make sure that I can get him outta bed…unless I wanna stay in it all dang on day.

So I just paid some bills, nothing too serious since last pay was the bigger ones…but I’m like dang Honey where the cash at…make a sista wanna slim down the tummy and go work a pole for real! Or better yet scrub the crowd for a old suga daddy on his last breathe lol….robbin myself to pay the bill collectors is not cute at all

Having to unexpectedly buy those 4 new tires last pay did me in boy I tell ya. Which is why I’m gonna work on getting my savings account back up to par…small goals first, biggers ones later. So right now it’s gonna be saving at least $50 from each pay and sliding it over in there…..we’ll see how that goes for a while. Then rework my goals before the summer hits to increase that amount.

Gonna hit up BK’s class tomorrow morning, head to one of my big sisters houses to drop some money off for our charity ball, head to linens and things to pick up some bathroom stuff (which is on the fence right now cause that might have to wait), do some grocery shopping and in between all that go see Saw V which I hope is good despite Megean Goode being in it. Plus I HAVE to study cause I have an exam on Tuesday so yea….as you can see I gots things to do (plus a house warming and a birthday party).

Have a great weekend!!!!

New Beginnings

A new day has begun and with my birthday I’ve decided to change things up a little. This last year I’ve been blessed to experience new things, relive old feelings and embark on a new journey. With that being said I decided to leave blogger and create a new home for Honey and her thoughts.

Welcome to Stepping into the Light…..since that’s kinda what I’m doing (or so I think lol). I’m stepping into my own light, realizing who I am, what I want and what I dont want. I’m not saying I’m perfect by no means but I am who I am and I’m fine with that.

So I’ve just turned 26 and I must say that I’m feeling really good. The bday weekend was the BOMB. I got treated to breakfast, dinner, brunch and the best gift of all tickets to go see T-Pain and T.I. at the Patriot Center!!! I was soooo excited the day of the show I couldn’t even take a nap lol. If I wasn’t laying my clothes out, I was picking out my jewlery or my undies or shoes….so I was excited.

Fri– I didn’t have to work so I had breakfast with R and since he had to work I made a last minute trip down to hampton to hang with the fam. My mom had gone to pick up my oldest nephew from Richmond so I figured i would go home and hang out….and do some laundry lol.

Sat– Came back up here and hung around the house and then got some dinner with G (the guy in the navy) who was in town for the weekend.

Sun– Went to Brunch with Bk, SMM and her Mom at Jaspers. Food was Bomb of course and the company was even better. I tell ya those girls are too funny, I’m glad that I happened upon them 🙂 They keep me sane and keep me in check….sorta like the big sisters that I never had

So I get a call on Sat night from R asking what am I doing, nothing I reply and he informs me that he bought me two tickets to see T-Pain and T.I. I’m like what…repeat….he’s like I got you tickets and I’m like OMG…OMG no you didn’t…what….OMG!!! He’s like yea I’m like are you serious, you can’t be serious…..WOW…..babe that was sooo nice. So Sun after Bruch I pick up the tickets call one of the homies to go and its on and popping!!!!!!

I was sooo excited that I tried to take a nap and it wasnt working so I picked out my clothes (Yellow sweater dress with brown flat boots and brown and yellow accessories), pick out the undies, lay on the couch try to sleep, pop back up take a shower, make a sandwich, get on the phone…finally its time to go.

Head out to VA (which now seems like sooo far lol), and we’re ready to scream out voices out….we get to the door and their like you can’t bring cameras in..I was like great. So the pics I do have are from my camera phone…sucky but still proof that I saw the greatest show in the world lol

I keep tellin folks that T-pain and T.I are two different shows but put together they were on point. Pain likes to dance and perform, TI likes to talk and rap. I was actually surprised at the Pain part of the show and will def be looking forward to seeing him again, that man is on so many songs that I was surprised when I thought about it.

TI did everything from You dont know me to Rubber band man to you can have whatever you like……R showed up and of course since he looks like TI he got some double takes and some wows he looks like TI lol……we went for drinks after then I passed out.

Monday got up and was treated to breakfast again and then dinner with the girls at Chevys near Pentagon…..I had a blast…I mean $3 margaritas and appetizers how could you ask for better?

Tuesday slept all day and I’m back at work……so you can see that I’m looking forward to sleeping this weekend lol

Thanks so much for the calls, the texts, the emails and the thoughts/prayers!!! You guys made this bday one for the books!!!!