Monday Mundaness that even a word..if not oh well I just made it Webster 🙂

This weekend was nice, spent all day with G….woke up late then grabbed some lunch with him. He was so excited because I decided to treat…hey it aint happenin all the time but once in a while to treat someone who makes me smile is fine with me.

I’m heading home tomorrow night to visit the fam for Christmas..thank God for girlfriends I tell ya…my car needs new breaks so I’m riding home with one of my homies. If not for her mommie or daddy would have to come scoop me up and as much as I’m sure they would have loved driving to pick me up lol they passed on it 🙂

I can’t wait to see all my babies when I get home. I will prob stay with the BFF since my house is crowded which will give me some much needed time with my godchildren…especially Olivia who I hear just had her first boy-girl sleep over LOL…mind you the lil boy is 6 and she be bossin him around LOL

Haven’t done one lick of shopping since this year its pretty much all about the kids everyone else is getting gift cards…great.

Got invited to 2 new years parties so I gotta decide which one I’m gonna hit up first and what I’m gonna wear, I already have shoes just need the dress or pants or whatever…yes I’ve been dying to wear these shoes since I bought them on Black Friday it pains me just to look at the box lol

G put me on to Wale…I mean he’s been around a while but I was listening to his mixtape in the car and I had to go download it lol def a bumper in the blueberry (my car)

I’m having breakfast or lunch with some of my girls while I’m home. I’m excited I haven’t seen two of them in a year or so and they both have kids so it should be fun 🙂

If I’m MIA for a couple of days I’m out of town and the rents dont have wireless so great lol….hmmm can I blog from my treo…we’ll see

Have a wonderful Holiday if I dont chat with you all!!! BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TMI Tuesday

I was about to be heated WordPress wont letting me update my blog but I think I’m good now 🙂

1. What is the greatest age difference between you and a SO? Older or younger? R is 12 years older than me..but he doesn’t look it lol

2. What is the greatest age difference between you and any sexual partner? Older or younger? When I was in college I dated Z who was 25 and I was 20. Wasn’t too bad since everyone said that I acted so much older than what they thought I was.

3. Have you started your holiday shopping? Is it done? I sure havent and I dont have alot to do so it can done in one day

4. What are the chances there will be a “naughty” present under the tree this year (either from you or for you)? There could be a pretty good chance I saw something in vickies I might get emmm emmm lol

5. What is your favorite holiday song? Let it Snow by Boys II Men, I have a vision that this will be playing when my future husband and I decorate our first tree 🙂 Then go off to make some babies LOL

Bonus (as in optional):Do you have a preferred time of day to have sex? If so, why? I actually dont have a favorite time of day….morning, noon or night is fine with me as long as its good, but there’s something about doing it while its raining outside or snowing 🙂

Wednesday Weirdness (I know its early but I might wanna talk about something else tomorrow)

1.) Do you get along with your significant other’s parents? If you’ve never met their parents or if you’re single, how did you usually get along with former SO’s parents? I dont know if I consider R a significant other or G but either way haven’t met G’s parent yet but I’ve met R’s parents and they are pretty cool, his mom and I are always talking when we go over there.

2.) Have you ever stolen a tip from a table while eating at a restaurant? If you saw someone doing this, would you speak up or pretend you never saw anything? No that’s just mean, they work hard for their money too…I would call em out, I mean dang you really need $2 homie..WOW

3.) Do you have any sexual fantasies that you’d never admit to anyone?
Nope I think mine have been pretty much made known and if there was one I can’t say cause it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

4.) What smells do you find comforting? Baked cookies, and this will seem funny but I love detergent….it just smells soooo good coming out of the house and my sister love this lol and I love the smell of rain 🙂 and my nephews even though Toot now smells like a grown homeless man after playing lol I still love his boy smell

5.) Do you ever resent your significant other for not earning more money? Do you ever find yourself jealous because your SO earns more money than you? Nope, do what ya do homie

6.) If you had to wear a Halloween costume for 3 hours a day, ever day, for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? Hmmm I would be an angel…maybe folks would think twice about being mean

7.) Have you ever had sex with someone and kept a piece of their undergarments or anything else for any reason? Have you ever had someone want or try to keep something of yours? LOL no but mean they have left something and I washed it for HS boyfriend wanted to keep a pair of my undies I was like HELL TO THE NAWWW LOL

Its Monday

So the weekend was great. I did my hair on Friday night so it was all nice and curly when I got on Saturday morning to head to my chapter meeting. After the chapter meeting we had our annual potluck so I was more than stuffed when I got home around 7ish.

I was in the bed watching tv and talking to G…who is might I add a wonderful man LOL…as my mom would say you better recognize when God sends you a good man in your life…and he’s def one of them.

No telling where this is gonna go but I’m cheesin lol and he makes me smile. Tells me how beautiful I am, I never feel like I’m the one who likes him more 🙂 I can’t tell you how wonderful that is…but I’m sure you ladies know..sometimes you get so use to being treated less than 100% that you never think you’re gonna know what its like to get everything you want….I thought I had all that but only until I let others go and really thought about what I wanted and didn’t want was I like WOW…..

So no calling it anything yet…just enjoying the moment

Counting down to brace face time…I go to the dentist Wed and Thurs and then Fri is my Ortho visit. I went on Fri to get a deep cleaning so my face was numb and it was great till it all wore off and I realized that my lower gum was swollen in the back but the extraction of my baby tooth went well…yes I still had a baby tooth dont ask me how that occurred actually I do recall how it occurred lol but anywho its gone now and that’s all that matters.

I love having money taken out of my paycheck to use for medical stuff. I’ve learned to PAY attention wayy more lol…glad I found out about it now before it all went to waste…goo me.

Hmm what else…Oh G is coming home for 2 weeks on Wed and I’m excited…..he from what I understand has some stuff planned for us to I’m looking forward to that.

So other than realizing that I need to step my game up in the gym (which is going pretty ok, 2 days a week now) I’m doing rather wonderful..hope you guys are too!!!

Tales from the Honeycomb

Time Frame: Summer 05 (I think)
Place: Myrtle Beach

Man he has grown up into something else….how in the heck did all this happen. I mean I dont come down here that often anymore but how could I have missed that.

I’d known him since I was little….our families entertaining one another because my Aunt was the choir director at his church and my lil sis had a HUGE crush on him at the time. I mean he was wayyy younger than me so what the heck did I need to look at the scrawny big head kid for.

I mean yea he was cute but he was like 12 and i was in HS…..well who would have known that that lil 12 year old could turn into a tall, broad shouldered football player physique of a man….DAMN DAMN DAMN

I’m walking down the street and I see him, at first I’m like thats not him…could it be….our paths crossing again a few months earlier when my grandfather passed away…we were both in awe of how much we had grown and changed.

He wondering what the heck was this chic with the big booty, me wondering who that big man was lol…..who would have known

We agreed to meet up later after we had walked the Ocean Blvd strip with our respective friends…the girls were like dang who is that…I filled them in. They of course laughed at wondering if I was about to get my groove back….but of course you cant get something back if it aint gone in the first place LOL…I kid

Anywho as we meet up and decided to catch up by the water he held my hand and told me that he always thought I was cute but I was a lil older than him so he didnt know how to tell me. I of course informed him that my lil sis (who at this point had only my oldest nephew) had a huge crush on him plus I didnt’ want to be talking to no lil kid lol….he hugged me and I almost disappeared into his arms…

He walked me back to my room and we sat on the balcony and talked wrapped in a blanket. He leaned in to kiss me and I promise my clothes melted off. Where did he learn how to kiss like that….how did he learn to kiss like that….caress my face just right….make me melt into him like that…..

Before I knew it we were wrapped or should I say entangled in the blanket and I didnt even notice that the ocean breeze which normally feels so cold at this time of night felt just right and the sun was now making its way through the clouds.

We agreed to continue talking and he would come to visit me while he was up in Bmore at football camp. I reminded myself that he was entering college…a phase I had already passed and that as a football player he was going to have more than enough ways to distract him…so I had pretty much told myself that it was whatever.

We kept constant contact for about a year then it dimished into a few once a month calls and now its about once every couple of months and some myspace emails lol

However I’ll always cherish that childhood crush 🙂


Why was I so prepared this morning for it to be cold and it wasn’t even that cold..great. At least I didn’t sweat from all the clothes I had on

Are you serious dude…leave me’re getting annoying

Yes, I blackslide LOL it was good but ummm we can’t do that again

I love Christmas music…I promise I’m gonna put Let it Snow on a cd and play it for the rest of the month..ok maybe not

You can’t want what comes in a relationship but not want a relationship..not gonna work

You’re growing on me I must say….Lord knows I love your smile

She’s cute….but she aint me HAHHAAH(let me stop I’m not at all like that)

I can’t wait to see my babies

I miss my babies

I miss him…….

Ummm it must be cold outside cause you thinking i’m gonna come keep you warm must mean you are insane

Boo what we had occurred 3 years ago, so much as gone on since then can you let it DIE….PLEASE

Ok so I know I’m kinda like that but dang homie dont go into stalker mode…please hahaha

Makes me wonder what do I have going on in that urea lol

I can’t wait for next Fri after that I’m pretty much at work for like 3 days then I’m off till new years wooohooo


Ehhh sometimes I wish there were more questions but oh well here goes..

If you wanna particiapte you can go here:

1. Do you consider sexy underthings a present for you or your partner?
I consider them a present for me first off cause I gotta wear them and I like having cute panties to look at as I pass by the mirror lol

2. What are 3 characteristics of “your type”? Have you best relationship(s) been with your type or when you have gone against it?
Hmm this might be a tough one. I can honestly say that I dont think I have a type other than someone being somewhat romantic (which is once again strange cause Hun was not all that romantic lol), my parents would say that guys who are short and thin are attracted to must be the thickness LOL..but then again Constant was tall and so was Hun….so as long as I have fun with you, you make me laugh and are doing something with yourself I’d have to say that would be my type.

3. What is on your Santa list this year? I want a GPS, a blender and gift cards along with some new break pads LOL

4. Generally speaking, who has historically had a higher libido, you or your partner(s)? Depends on the guy. Someone told me I tired them out another I had to tell to stop cause my legs were killin me and I couldnt’ take no more..needlesstosay he’s still in my rolodex hahaha

5. The unsculptured female bush seems to have passed from fashion. What about men, do you think they need to trim and shave “down there”? HECK YES!! I do not wanna go down there and disappear into the African bush…do what you gotta do homie but trim it up lol

Bonus (as in optional):What are a few of your favorite things (both sexual non-sexual)? I love candles, I love Ranch dressing of course not in a sexual manner lol, I love shoes, I love surprising folks, I love reading, I love CSI, Law and Order and Bones, I love my family, I love wearing my fav undies around the house and not worrying about anyone wanting me to put clothes on hahaha


I forgot to do my TMI post so here it is:

1. What are your turn-ons? I love kissing, holding hands, hugs and a mans cologne as well as how he looks in my eyes and stares as if he can see my soul

2. What are your turn-offs? A guy who acts like he knows everything about me, I’ll say something just to prove him that I’m not like what he thinks..even if I think that LOL

3. Not counting your turn-ons, what’s the best trait a person can have? Dependable

4. Not counting your turn-offs, what’s the worst trait a person can have? Liar

5. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Saying I gotta tell you something but I’ll tell you later…I HATE THAT!!!!

Bonus (as in optional):Describe your best and worst experience. Best experience would have to be when I was with Z and our first time we did it by candle light and the whole weekend emmmm nice. Worst would have to be me with this guy who thought he was putting it down and it was horrible, I mean him asking me to rub his back play in his hair I mean dang what the heck I’m the woman not you man..then he got in his feelings cause I didn’t call him back…umm wasn’t I suppose to say that (If I cared lol)

Organized put me on to Wednesday Weirdness so here are the question for this week:

1.) If you knew one of your close friends was cheating on their significant other, would you get involved? (EX: Tell their SO, try to talk to your friend about it, etc) Why or why not?
I honestly dont know if I would tell I think I would have to evaluate how close this person is to me and then I would see if I could figure away to help them get caught without me having to come out and tell lol

2.) If your SO was cheating on you and one of your close friends knew, would you want them to tell you? Why or why not? I would just so I could get out before I wasted more time..but that’s just me…but they better come with some proof homie

3.) Have you ever stuffed your bra or underwear to make the size of your breasts or penis seem larger? When I was 5 lol I use to put toilet paper in my lil undershirt but no more lol, I dont want them any bigger

4.) Would you sleep with a friend’s significant other behind their back if it were guaranteed you’d never be caught? heck no cause what if it was good then I’d want it more LOL…none of my homies friendship is worth that

5.) Do you think you are more intelligent than your significant other? There are some moments when I wonder what the piss he’s thinking but sometimes he makes me feel stupid I think we’re even

6.) Do you ever fantasize about cheating on your significant other? Are you ever tempted to really go through with it? Unless its with a ball player or someother sports player no..or Denzel and that’s only occuring in my dreams LOL

7.) Have you ever had cyber sex, text sex or phone sex with someone other than your significant other during a relationship? Yes I have…I’m guilty lol

8.) Would you cheat on your significant other twice monthly for half a year to have all your debt permanently erased? WOW….now if they knew would it still be considered cheating cause I could explain the situation and they might be down for it LOL

BONUS! Have you ever fantasized about having sex with any blogger friends? Would you be daring enough to reveal five of them? Most of the bloggers I know are chics so no lol i’m not into girls but I def wonder what it would be like to hang out with some of them that I think are cool, you know get some drinks, hash out some men drama you know the usual waiting to exhale stuff….