I usually do these on Tuesday but hey what the heck..I do em when I want so here goes:

1. What do find is the most exciting part of a new sexual encounter? Hmm ok so I had an answer all typed out then I deleted it cause I actually read the question a second time, a new sexual encounter not just an encounter….hmm I would have to say anticiapting what that person will do to me and if it’s going to be better than anyone has done that’s it the anticipation.

2. Do you have “a most exciting part of a sexual encounter” with a usual partner? Yep, I love his kisses cause he knows how I like em and he does them just right.

3. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you just met? I dont know you fool so I aint tellin you my business

4. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you work with? If they need to know as in something from home can spill in to work i’m pretty open and honest but if not then boo you dont need to know..great

5. How open and honest are you about your life with a casual acquaintance who lives in your neighborhood (or the parent a your child’s friend or…)? Casual friend once again I dont know you that well….you dont need to know everything about me…..thanks

Bonus (as in optional): Define a “normal” as in “normal relationship” or “normal sex life”. These days anything can be defined as normal depending on who you talk to….normal to me is whatever I want it to be lol

1. What is your favorite charity? Do you you give your time or just money to that charity? March of Dimes, I give my time and money every year.

2. Describe your bed. What side do you sleep on? It’s a full I’m actually working on getting a queen. If I’m alone I sleep near the door which is I guess the left side if I’m standing in front of the bed, if I’m not alone I sleep on the right near the wall unless I’ve falled asleep before I realize what side I’m sleeping on

3. How important is a partners kissing ability? VERY…everyone that has read my blog before knows I can’t stand baby lips LOL I will cut a playa from the team because of this

4. Have you ever “taken advantage” of a person under the influence of alcohol? Have you ever been “taken advantage” of while under the influence of alcohol? No never taken advantage of lol technically that’s defined as rape..thanks and no one has taken advantage of me…

5. Ever tried to replay the famous scene from From Here to Eternity? How was it? Ummm no I actually dont know what that is guess I need to educate myself

Bonus (as in optional): What kind of birth control do you use? the pill and occassionally baby sitting my nephews..however sometimes this makes me want kids lol



I realized that I need to change some things in my life….ASAP

I realized that each morning I look in the morning and am unhappy that its not because of someone else its because of me

I realized that I sooo need to go back to church

I realized that my life is slowing moving out of control and the fact that I know I need to change and I dont is SERIOUSLY a problem

I keep thinking that if I leave it alone everything will change in time but sometimes you have to give it a push

I keep thinking that just because you love someone they will change…yea right and that just aint for that special someone lol that’s anyone

I can’t live life for someone or around someone…Honey is the only one getting nothing out of the deal and that has to stop

I am so thankful for friends who tell me the truth..even if I dont wanna hear it

I am thankful for waking up this morning and realizing that I need to do better

I am thankful that I am owning up to making this change

I am so thankful that my parents pray for my growth (spiritually and physical)

I am so thankful that God doesn’t give up on me even when I’ve forgotten about him

I embrace the fact that this change wont be easy, but I’d rather change than wallow in self destruction

I’d rather change than complain

I need to make things happen..for me not for anyone else

I realize that I might loose some folks along the way and that’s ok…their time in my life has come to an end.

So today is a new day…maybe not for anyone else but def for Honey 🙂

Take it easy


Very rarely so I lay my heart felt feelings out on the line unles syou know me….I dont cry too often and if I do it has to be something so gut wrenching or I have to have bottled some stuff up inside and then it comes spilling out.

I really dont know where to gro from here….Im’ confused

Just when I thought I was ok….I’m starting to think that I’m not

Its funny how life throws things in your way which make you question everything that has occurred before then

Is now a good time, has everything been leading up to this….

I honestly dont know what to say……honestly I’m rather in a state of shock.

Pardon my randomness I’m not ready to really talk about it all…but you know I will when I’m ready

Insane Randomness

Once again I want to write something with some sense but I dont feel like it so here we go with some randomness

Why do you have flipflops on boo it’s still February…which means winter in laymens terms

I so wanna go home this weekend especially since I have Monday off but I’ll wait

I might go get my nephew next weekend, I haven’t seen him since thanksgiving and I need to hear him tell me he loves me lol

All my babies are getting soo big I cant believe that my fat fat will be 2, toot will be 5 and bearbear will be 1 this year…on top of that my livy (goddaughter) will be 4…she’s such a lil lady

WOW that reminds me that I need to call her mom to see what she’s planning for her bday this year

I found out that my younger sis is a straight hustler she got kicked out of her welfare housing cause she was renting rooms to folks..WOW home girl be actin like she aint go no sense but she knows how to make that money

G and I are progressing nicely….he’s my date for Valentines Day…which by the way should be rather nice….the girls and I along with some extra folks are doing dinner at Sakuras in Tysons.

I’ve never been to a Japanese steakhouse hopefully the food is good or I will be heated being all dressed nice at Applebees lol but at least I know I can stand the food there

I’ve contemplated over and over what I’m going to wear and decided on this

Haven’t decided if I’m gonna do red pumps or not but def red accessories.

Getting the hair done tomorrow after work but I just saw on youtube how I can create some pretty cute curls without rollers so I’ve been tossing some styles around in my head..we’ll see

Prob get G a card and a picture frame for a pic that we took together when he was home last weekend….BTW we went to a gogo and I was like wow lol ummmm WOW hahaha

I heart Facebook

I want to wear sandals NOW…like right now but the other side of me is like you might look a lil light but you know what season it is…wait lol

Why can’t some folks get the hint that I dont wanna chill…I mean dang you keep asking me what I’m doing every evening and it doesn’t involve you so that should show ya something…I really dont wanna come out and say I just dont wanna hang…but I just might

I need to get my car washed and get an emissions test….but I have till the end of the month…so I’ll wait LOL

I wanna go on vacation NOW…..G will be in TX in march for some training so I might go visit him…he’ll be out there a month I might be able to squeeze a weekend visit in

I am sooo looking forward to monday….the day off and lunch lined up with some girls and dinner lined up with some sorors emmmm good eating LOL

Is it time to go home yet


TMI Randomness

1. What do you think is the un-sexiest part of the body? I would have to say my lil baby pouch and I aint even had a baby yet LOL what the piss

2. Toilet paper: over, under, or what the hell are you talking about? I have to roll mine over it just annoys me the other way

3. Have you ever called in sick to stay in bed with a sexual partner? Ohhhh yea lol

4. Did your parents have a “birds & bees” talk with you? Id so, at what age? Nope I heard it from this girl then went and told my godsisters, got in trouble and then still really didnt have the talk lol

5. What is one thing a someone could do to you to rock your world? Take the time to make love making a whole day and by that I mean start from the moment I wake up with your words and actions that will make me look forward to spending time with you in bed 🙂

Bonus (as in optional):What does sex mean to you? It means just what it is lol a physical action between two people that can sometimes result in love, babies or regret lol

Hump Day

1.) Tell us something that to you is weird about your significant other. (If single, pick an ex) It can be a personality quirk, a hobby, a habit, a ritual etc but just make sure it’s something you find odd about them.

No matter how he gets in the bed, G always ends up leaving me with like an inch to sleep with..this is discovered in the morning when I go to get up and almost fall off the bed

2.) What are 3 songs that you find sexy? Hmm right now it would have to be (and my favs change often lol) darn I can’t pick 3 lol so lets just say most songs by Boys 2 Men, Jodeci and Brian Mcknight those are the consistent ones

3.) After your partner goes down on you, do they have to brush their teeth/rinse with mouthwash before meeting your mouth again or do things just roll on? LOL wow now even that’s TMI for me lol depends on what kind of mood I’m in LOL

4.) Is it ever okay to go ass to mouth without cleaning in between? (Anal sex to oral sex. Licking the anus to kissing. Etc ) EWWWWWWWWWWW now that is nasty I aint getting no ones butt that’s just gross

5.) If you were going to give yourself a “Most Likely To…” award for this week, what would your title be?
Most Likely to be late for work lol

6.) Do you read any self-help books? If so, which is your favorite? If not, why not? What to do when your money is funny…enough said LOL

7.) Do you prefer to buy porn, sex toys, lube and things of that nature in a store or discreetly online? Why? Well if ever did buy those things I’d want to go in the store I like to see what I’m getting

8.) List these things in order from what you find most sexy to least sexy: Money, Loyalty, Sense of humor, Intelligence, Kindness, Romantic, Open-mindedness, Kinky, Honesty. Intelligence, Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Romantic, Open mindedness, Sense of Humor, Kinky, Money

1.) If a natural disaster left thousands of people homeless, would you let a family of strangers stay in your house? I prob would as long as I evaluated them and decided on if they were some criminals or not..I can’t be homeless too

2.) How often do you watch porn? Hmmm depends lol

3.) How many people have naked or semi-naked pictures of you? HAHAHAHAA I’d have to say maybe 2

4.) When having sex with someone, have you ever fantasized about someone else? If yes, explain why you were thinking of someone else during sex. Nah I’ve never really fantasized about anyone else if its bad its bad aint nothing gonna make me get past the fact that its bad now if its good I dont need to be thinking about no one else

5.) Is there ever an appropriate time to lie to someone and push yourself off as single when truthfully you’re not? Hmmmmm it would be if Denzel asked me to have his baby LOL

6.) Who is one person who has changed your life and how did they change things for you? My mommie and daddy when they adopted my sisters and I, I can honestly say that my life would have been totally diff if it had not been for them 🙂 And Z, he taught me what real love was about and letting something go and being better for it

7.) How comfortable are you in bed with your current significant other? Do they know all your kinks or do you tend to hold back? Why? He knows and even tells me sometimes that he can tell when I’m holding back I mean I have to hold on to my shyness sometimes.


1. When you sleep with someone, how much or how little contact do you like to have? I actually love to cuddle, spoon, look in his eyes and all that…I’m a touchy feely person

2. What do you think there is a appropriate amount of time for a divorce parent to date before introducing the kids to the “new” “special” person in their life? I mean I would hope after you’ve done a background check on them and given them a TB test LOL sike nah but I mean enough time to make you feel comfortable that introducing them to your children wont lead them to hate life

3. Which ONE do you wish you had more of in bed… romance, experimentation or foreplay? I have enough of that but maybe a lil more romance would be aight lol

4. What do you thinks makes a kiss great? For me its the slowness, I love someone kissing me like he will never kiss me again

5. Describe your sex life in two words. Pretty Good

Bonus (as in optional): Do you remember a time when you were having sex that you smile or even laugh about now? Do tell. The time this guy asked me to play in his hair…I was like WHAT? WOW since when did I become a man lol I dont play in mens hair unless I want to and you shouldn’t have to tell me, lets just say he didnt’ get a call back