I suck…

yes I know. I haven’t been by blogs I’m such a slacker and everytime I mean to stop by I either remember I have something i need to watch or some actual work to do LOL

I try to update each week but then I get sidetracked…great

Anywho things are going well. Looking forward to registering for class then found out I need to pay a parking ticket that I got on campus…great so I have to do that before I can take my summer class. It sucks cause they are only offering one class that I wanna take during the summer which means that I’m gonna have to buckle down in the fall and take like 4 classes….errrrr

About this heatwave that came out of nowhere I thought it was suppose to be spring not the middle of hell season lol. One day it was all nice and breezy the next its so hot I had to change three times (hey I tend to sweat and I dont like being funky lol) and then the rain comes…what kind of nonsense is that. This the kind of weather that gets ya sick.

G is fine. We’re progressing along nicely. I tell ya that man has taught me alot about patience in the last almost 5 months. It insane cause even my mom saw it she was like calm down dont be so quick to jump and fuss…she’s right the devil knows my weakness and he steps on it lol…but all in all G is a good guy. I’ve stopped giving him the side eye all the time, although I do keep my eyes open..I dont think thats the same as the side eye lol

My mom loves him, my sisters are already callin him their brother and of course my booskies love playing with him…he always puts the baby booski to sleep when he visits and fat fat who is losing all his fat lol loves chasing G around the house.

Lets hope I can keep updating once a week LOL



Texas was great…..other than the light drizzle that I was NOT prepared for the visit went rather well. We hung out Fri night and had a blast and then got up Sat went to Wally World (his fav place) cause I was NOT prepared for some other things that decided to arrive that weekend lol

Then it was off to Old Navy to get a hoody since I wasn’t prepared to walk around the park freezing…good thing I had some jeans packed or I would have been really SOL. Before the park it was the mall though and I love how they had this huge pair of boots sitting in front of the mall too cool lol

Six Flags was cool, until I noticed that my camera was not working. Well it was taking pics but the LCD was jacked up so I had to call today to find out what I need to do to send it to Sony to get it fixed. So anywho I was snappin pics and hopping they came out and they did…if you are my friend on facebook you can view them there

He comes home on Fri I have to head to Norfolk to pick him up, then we’re going to a bday party then to the beach for the rest of the weekend pending nice weather. I can honestly say that this whole experience has been a REAL learning one. After coming off with what happened with Music I have to learn to trust G totally and that is HARD. I can’t assume he’s doing wrong all the time, I have to know and feel that he’s different but I promise sometimes he does stuff and I’m like hmmmm then I have to check myself cause if not I’ll turn into my FBI mode lol and that is not cool so he’s teaching me to trust him even farther than I can see him lol

He makes me smile and laugh and I love that about him. I dont have to worry that he cares for me, he will tell me over and over again. Loves to hold my hand, includes me in his future plans and even fusses at me for speaking in I form lol meaning I will say well in 2 years I want to blah blah and he’ll be like you mean we lol and I’m like what lol. It’s nice to have someone who puts more effort into me than I do him. My daddy always said find a man that loves you a lil more than you love him….men take longer to admit they love you and when they do you know its real.

This weekend hopefully it will be nice. He has to look for an apt in Va Beach since his old lease is up with his roomie so I’m gonna help him do that and between all that we’re going to hang out with my fam and hang out at the beach, which should be nice 🙂

Since I didn’t get to hang out at the beach last weekend maybe this weekend will be diff. Sidenote I saw some cute bathing suits at walmart I need to go back and check out. I was going to get one I saw at GAP until I saw that top and bottom were $36 a piece…UMMMM NO lol I’ve gotten like 5 bathing suits for that price at Tar’get on the clearance rack thanks lol

Friday Thoughts

Glad that I get off early

Wondering how come I can’t write a real post only randomness

Going to see Gerald (yes that’s his name since someone hint hint lol said I use initials too much lol) in Texas for the weekend

You guys are right thinking im going to mess this up will mess it up

He’s a wonderful person and I need to just live…which I think I can do but then I start thinking lol

I have a friend who I think makes up lies to get attention…..strange but true I’m starting to look at her diff.

Sad cause I feel bad for her but I dont have time for you to be making up lies about your life and telling 5 diff stories…that aint a friendship

Looking forward to spending some time in another city with him and then next week we’re spending the weekend at the beach if the weather is nice and hitting up church with my fam

Ahhh the joys of getting off early and buyin a new book lol


You ever think someone is still hiding some information for you but you dont wanna press the issue….yea I’m trying to be detective too much but its in my blood I promise it is

Very busy at work…I’m actually looking forward to the summer

G and I are fine….I finally admitted yesterday to Reesie lol that we are together…feels strange. Not in a bad way but just weird ya know I always thought me and R would be

He’s not ready and he kept stringing me along..had to let him go. I love him dearly he’s still my friend but I needed to move out

Maybe in another atmosphere we would be right but not now

I pray that I dont treat G bad due to past experiences but I generally give him the side eye and he wonders why….boo I got to keep all my eyes open

Dont lie to me and expect me not to find out..cause I will lol

I hate thinking that I could ruin a good thing…ah well