Ok its been a while who knows if folks still come by but I’ve been slacking a lot more than ususal.

Writing is theraputic for me and I haven’t been doing any lately which can tell ya that I’ve been feeling some sort a way about life lately.

School starts in two months and I actually want it to start..I’m taking for class..one is online so that should be interesting. When you gotta pay for it yourself you aint necessarily in a rush and when you dont do well in a class you wanna make sure you have the time to focus so you can do your best..which is where I’m at. I didn’t do well in one class the previous semester so I’m taking it over and Im so mad at myself cause I wasted money…granted he could have gave me some extra to do but I guess he didn’t feel like he should have…boo to him…and the sucky part is this same teacher is teaching another class im taking this semester hopefully he doesn’t remember me LOL

Good thing is my classes are only tues and wed so if i decide to go out of town I’ll still be fine to do that, shouldn’t interrupt any of my vacation plans if I make any and as of right now I dont have any LOL

G is fine…I made a BIG mistake and almost damaged our relationship totally and I’m so happy that we both worked through it…and no i didn’t cheat lol

Work is good….well relatively good….

All this freaking rain is killin me though