Grow Up

So I’m tryin to talk to my sister about how serious marriage is. I’ve never been married but I know that once you take that vow before God and others its no longer about you…I mean you have to worry about someone else now for the rest of your life…its not like you can be mad at them then get a divorce.

Her and the fiancee called it off…well she did she didn’t feel like he was listening to what she wanted..she wanted something small he wanted to over do it. I dont think he understood what the grooms job is…you pay for the groomsmen flowers and what not the honeymoon and show do not get to go with her when she tries on wedding dresses you do NOT get to decide the stuff that she wears or doesnt wear LOL….deal with it and move on.

So my sister who is normally very quiet decided that she wanted to tell him what she wanted and she wanted to put her foot down…well he didnt wanna listen and she was like then maybe we need to slow down. I could have told her that…not giving yourself time to get over one person before you commit to another is NOT a good thing. Granted she had been with him before but I told her to give herself space….you cant say one minute that you wanna be with someone forever and then one week later be like no…I mean did you really think about what you were getting into when you told that person yes a week ago..clearly you didnt.

So I pray she is taking the time to really listen to herself and most importantly God. Marriage is serious and I dont want any of my sisters to end up in a divorce situation…that is def not cool. I dont plan on getting divorced either. I know marriage is a 24/7…365 that you cant get a vacation from…you gotta put in work to make it work…they make you mad but you cant just run away you gotta stick it out…you made a committment….I wish some folks would understand that.


Change is Strange

So lately I’ve been getting this feeling that I’m not living up to my full potential…be it not buckling down and finishing school, spiritually, financially and physically.

So yesterday I took a good long look at myself and what I’ve been doing and decided that I’m am destined for greatness but I need to stop acting like I have no sense. I cant think that things will just come to me…I gotta step my game up.

So I decided along with G to be celibate. Eeekkkk LOL. He was like are you sure, I’m like yea I think we need to do this….together in fact. It will make us stronger, bring us closer and see what else we can learn about one another while we go through this process…I didn’t force it on him, he in fact decided that not even self pleasure is allowed…WOW dude are you sure LOL

So one day down over 400 left…we’re doing it for a year.

Starting the Fat Smash Diet too….I’ve heard lots of good things about it and I figured it’s easy to follow a plan instead of trying to create my own cause that aint working…..

Sooo here goes…..I’ll keep ya posted

I am so ready for the weekend I have no idea what Im gonna do with myself all day at work. Talking to G right now on the phone he doesn’t have to be to work till 5:30p but he just got off at 5am so he should be sleep right now but he doesn’t like going to sleep right away for fear of sleeping all day LOL…boooo please I would be knocked out right now…but not his tail the first place he hits up when he gets off is Walmart. I promise he needs to buy stock in it lol that’s how much he stays in that joint.

Instead of him coming up here this weekend I’m going down there, this way I get to see the fam, him and help lil sis start looking for dresses. I also need to head to the computer store to get a new battery for my laptop since the freakin thing wont hold a charge anymore…you know you need a new battery when you try to hold the cord a certain way to charge the battery LOL lets just say its played out so much that my arm dont even wanna try to figure out what position i need to hold it in for the comp to turn on.

Next weekend I’m going to a crabfeast emmmm emmm. I’m excited, going with my linesister, dont know yet if the other one is coming or not its her bday weekend so not sure what her boo has planned and this aint the boo she was about to be married to. Apparently this is some new dude and I dont like him already but apparently she likes it so whatever…..

Made dinner last night and gotta go to the store tomorrow after work to get some groceries so that I can cook every day next week….cant buy lunch and crap all the dang on time….momma taught me how to boil water so I need to get with it.


I know its been a while but what can I saw blogging began to become a task rather than something I wanted to do so I slacked off on writing and even on reading those that I had to come to enjoy reading (or being nosey whatever you like to call it lol)

So lets see if I can get back in the swing of things.

Work LOL same ole same ole

School will start in a lil over a month and I must say that I’m ready to get it on and poppin so that I can hurry up and finish….dragging it out is not doing anything but causing me distress and anger at the thought of how i could be finished.

Relationship is good..better than it was when we began…we’re talking more, I mean really talking and I like that.

Folks are funny but hey that’s the norm these days…always worried about what Im doing or the next person how about you worry about yourself

Fam is good….the youngest nephew will be one in a week…I cant believe time flew by that fast…lil sis is getting married and I’m SOOOO excited 🙂 I am so thankful she has found someone to love and be with for the rest of her life….

So all in all things are pretty good 🙂