What’s Been going on

Yea yea I know I’m horrible what can I say lots has been going on.

My sister and her hubby have not gotten a divorce however I’m still confused by the situation LOL. He’s currently locked up for apparently hitting her in the back she wont say what happened in fact the only reason we knew he was in jail was because he wrote my mom a letter telling her so and my mom didn’t tell my sister that she knew. I think something went on because my sister has never been one to hold her tongue esp if you did something wrong to her….but of course she wont tell till she’s ready till then its her business as long as my nephews are safe and they are (living with mom and dad)…she has to live her own life

In other news my old roomie and I think that her twin sister is in some weird relationship with her baby daddy…meaning maybe mental or physically abusive…she has a bruise on her arm and leg that she got from burning herself (so she says with some grease) and from falling…hmm yea right those right there are some lifetime excuses….he doesnt let her hang with her fam alot and her friends is a whole nother story. matter fact this fool even gave him number to some woman at a bike party they were at..now tell me that aint rude and when it was brought to the sisters attention (by a coworker- whose sister the number was given to) she says he wouldn’t do that LOL…now what does this said co-worker have to lose or gain by telling a lie..nothing boo believe it….now if he cheats and you know and you choose to forgive and move on but if you know he cheats and you ignore it thats on you.

My other sister who now lives in her own apt needs a wake up call. I keep telling her not to be inviting any and every fool over to her apt dudes are crazy…clearly she is boy crazy now I tell ya…

Hmm school might be on hold this semester even though I only have two classes left I’m the secretary of my sorority’s chapter this year and def need to focus on that dont want to have too much going on.

D and I are good we have our moments but all in all he makes me smile. Yesterday we chatted about who would be in our wedding party when we choose to take that step he said 7 bridesmaids were too many LOL I said no its not of course I got my way so when that time comes 7 it will be 🙂

At work so tired from the weekend wishing I were in Hpt to celebrate my nephews 2nd bday (the 3rd one) the youngest Jabari is getting big and smiles all the time…gotta love happy babies 🙂

Let me do some work so I can stay awake