Happy Birthday

Today is my lil sisters bday (the middle one to be exact). She’s up here for the week so tonight we’ll prob do dinner and then go to a friends bday dinner tomorrow night and maybe hit up a spot or two afterwards.

Its funny how I’ve watched her grow and come into her own over the years and I am so proud of her. They thought she wouldnt’ be able to graduate from HS like a normal teenager because she has dislexia but this chic has a job, her own apt and went and got her drivers license when my parents told her they weren’t gonna pay for it 🙂

So here’s to you baby sis..I love you and I can’t wait to see you 10 years from now 🙂


Weight Watchers

So today I started weight watchers again…if JHud can do it then darn it so can I. However, I clearly dont have 3 hours in my schedule to work out but hey we shall see what I can do LOL.

While trying to decide what to eat for lunch I found out that ONE cookie at Subway is 6 points I mean dang. If I’m gonna use 6 points on a cookie I could use it on something better than a cookie LOL, however I also didn’t look up what else would cost me 6 points so we’ll see if I can find something better than one cookie to spend my points on lol

So far ive only used 9 points and I’m looking now at what else I can eat before lunch time…guess yogurt it is gonna be.

Anyone else tried the new WW program?

Boo to you…

blackberry..I want a new phone. I mean perhaps its just my insane need to stay up with the latest technology or just being itchy since I’ve had my BB for a lil over a year, but I feel the need to get a new phone. I mean yes my BB does what I want it to do, but I can’t help but feel I need a lil more fun in my life when it comes to my phone LOL. I miss my touch screen, I could play more games it was more entertaining but with it came some annoyances like freezing up and dialing itself until I learned how to lock it of course…ah well such is life. Maybe today Verizon will get the Iphone..then again if they do I will prob wait a lil while to get it so they can get all the problems out of it, I would hate to be like one of those folks from AT&T who got a phone then was back in the store complaining about it.

Woke up this morning thinking I was gonna see some snow…not a chance. So why did I hear all this nonsense about me knowing the emergency number at work, I mean I already know it dont get my hopes up. The office administrator sent around an email today for a winter advisory..I’m thinkin does that mean you’re gonna let us go home early LOL…prob not…so stop harassing my inbox…great

I’m thinking of coloring my locs..not really a thought more like a I’m gonna do it. A lil scared haven’t colored my locs in a while myself so we’ll see how it comes out. Good thing is my cuz knows about coloring so she will be helping me 🙂

I need some sun and warmth in my life, I dont like this cold weather. I’m at work wearing two sweaters…where they do that at? Apparently in my office building LOL And its only 10:30 which means I have a while to go before I get back in my warm apt..great

Hmm what else…oh yea I’ve lost 10pds wooohooo, trying to lose 50 so we’ll see how that goes LOL..dont ask me how much I weight cause I aint telling 🙂

New Year..New Chance to Start Over

Another year has begun and with it comes a chance to do better in all areas of life. Now although I am NOT perfect I dont really think I have to change that many things about me LOL, I mean yea I could stand to lose some pounds and yea I could go to church more but I mean those are things that dont take a whole year to change.

Life is good right about now, 2 more classes to go and I’ll be done with my paralegal certificate, my nephews are growing and changing so much that when I go home I have to harass them with my camera in order to remember them as the babies I want them to remain :), mom and dad are good and the lil sisters are good. The middle sis is coming to visit me for her bday next week and I’m so looking forward to her coming. That’s one thing I can say, I’ve gotten alot closer to my sisters as we’ve gotten older and I’ve moved away and I’m thankful for that.

It was suggested that I start a blog and I was like I have one, I just stopped keeping track of it becuase it started to feel like a task and I dont like that. So here we go again…a chance to blog again 🙂 lets see how well I do LOL

I can’t promise that I will catch up with my fav blogs I’ve prob missed so much by now that I wouldn’t even know you and your world anymore but what’s new with you guys?