I tend to ramble sometimes.  My mom use to say that when I was younger Sixx from Blossom reminded her of me.  I could go on and on and say the same thing 50 billion times before I slowed down.  Which is why she never understands why I dont go to law school.  Something I’ve been thinking about but I just dont know…I mean its HARD and EXPENSIVE LOL.  On top of that because I work at a law firm now, I see how hard it is to get hired.  So maybe in a few years after I have a masters I’ll revisit, but I’m not in a rush.

Anywho working out has been going pretty ok, I need to work out in the morning but I can’t seem to push myself out the bed LOL  I wake up, go pee and see its dark and my body is like go back to sleep, but then when I get off I wanna go home.  However, having my clothes with me at work does help the situation.  But I’m down 3 pds so that’s WONDERFUL!  I’m trying to keep track of my food via MyFitnessPal and this other tracker I downloaded it tends to keep me focused on overeating which I can do especially if I’m home bored LOL

Dating is….dating LOL.  Not bad but nothing to jump up and be geeked up about.  MM wants to hang out soon and I honestly could care less.  I mean he’s all over the place and I thought I was bad.  One minute he doesn’t want a gf the next minute he’s like I wanna come down there to visit you (he lives in Bmore) and the next minute he’s talking about I wonder how it would be if we lived together…BOO get it together.

Puerto Rican Younghin popped back up the day before V-day.  Apparently his phone was off and he’s been working alot (rolls eyes).  This could all very well be true because he works with my cuz and she tells me how horrible work has been and on top of that she says he talks about me all the time and he’s crazy about me..yea uh huh we’ll see LOL.  I dont like to be cynical but it is what it is at this point.

D called me the other day talking about he missed me.  I’m like ok that’s nice to know, glad I’m missed.  I dont feed into whatever he says I think he just wants a reaction.  So I’m like how is life and he’s like oh its ok, you know life changes.  I’m like what’s that mean, he goes you know people coming and going.  I was like yea such is life, you gotta deal with it.  he was like yea that’s good for you, I’m like boo I dont rejoice in anyone’s sadness (he’s apparently referring to thinking I care that he and homegirl are not working on and he THINKS he is gonna move on to me..boo bye) he is def a character.  Its like the more we spend time apart I realize how he annoys the HECK outta me. Cutting me off when I’m tryin to talk, giving advice that aint even real advice, thinking he knows everything..that mess has always been there but I dont think I ever paid too much attention to it and now that I dont deal with it, I’m like WHOA Buddy pipe down LOL

At any rate life is pretty chill right now, can’t complain 🙂


Work It Out Wednesday

About 4 years ago I got serious about trying to be healthier (which meant losing some weight).  When I graduated from HS of course I thought I was a lil on the thick side but looking back at pics I was rather small, I just had hips which of course makes you feel big.  Anywho on comes college and the freshman 15 decided it wanted to knock on my door.  Flash forward to a few years out of college and I had gotten up to 230.

Now 230 on me shows more in my face and in my tummy area so lots of folks (who i was brave enough to share this with lol) were like where the heck is all that at..in your butt.  Yea maybe but its spread out in other places too.  So I decided to drop some weight.  Now I dont recommend everyone take supplements but I did.  This helped curb my cravings and helped me to not over eat.  I got down to 185 in less than a year.

In rolls 2011 and I get on the scale one day and notice that I’ve gained my weight back.  Good thing is it didn’t come back all at once, bad thing is if I had kept it off and kept working on losing some I would have been at my HS weight by now.  So I decided that falling off the mule was ok as long as I got back on.  So I did.  I’ve lost 25 pds so far and I have about 35 more to go.  So I joined Planet Fitness a few weeks ago and I’ve been going since last week (I signed up online so it took me a few days to get my lazy behind in there to pick up my card lol). 

I must say that I think once I get into the habit it will be fine.  I like going in the mornings because its so empty however when that alarm goes off I just hit it and keep on snoozing till 7 LOL.  Maybe I just need to throw myself out the bed.  So since I can’t go in the mornings I take my clothes to work, change in the bathroom and hit the gym before I even head home.  Which works cause if I go home first I might not come back out 🙂

I might have to hide my scale though and go by my clothes cause that scale is going up and down up and down.  I just wish it would go down and stay there LOL 

I’m not where I use to be so that’s good.  I’ve given myself a goal to hit by Jan 2012 and I plan to hit it.  I wanna push myself but I def dont wanna die trying to lose weight 🙂  We shall see how this goes

Thankful Thursday

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” ― Oprah Winfrey
So many times we go about our day and take what we have for granted…so today I am reminding myself of ALL the great and wonderful things in my life and about myself that I love 🙂
I’m thankful……
for life…someone didn’t get a chance to wake up this morning that in itself is a major blessing
for health…over the summer I was in the hospital for a week, nothing major but anyone that knows me knows I dont get too sick that often so I’m thankful God healed me and allowed me to live another day
for friends…I LOVE the fact that I have a wonderful group of girlfriends who I can call randomly to talk about anything and nothing at the same time and no matter how busy they are, they listen..every female can’t say that. And even though many have families of thier own (my old roomie just recently had the gangs first boy 🙂 I’m super excited) they always find time for lil ole me and I love them for that

for family, some folks I know dont talk to or see their family due to whatever the reason, but I on the other hand LOVE me some family time…can’t get enough of it and I pray that when God allows me to create my own my children will feel the same

for a place of employment, man its hard out for a chic LOL glad I have a place to come and work hard and actually not mind it, my bosses have def spoiled me over the years
for love..despite having loved and lost, I’m glad that I got to experience it and still experience it in various forms, I wont give up on it cause it never gives up on me
for my workout partner…who knew that I would pop up randomly and see him, despite what occurred years ago between us, thanks for the push this morning (and hopefully many more to come) I def look forward to the outward results 🙂
for a home…this crazy weather makes me thankful that I have a place to lay my head at night that keeps me away from the weather, animals and insect creatures lol
for peace of mind, in a world of turmoil and craziness, I thank God for allowing me to remain sane (mostly) I’ve heard about lots of suicides lately and I’m thankful that HE provides me with peace 🙂
For you…taking the time out to read my insane, rambling thoughts, even if you dont comment.  its good to know that you find me interesting enough to stop by 🙂