Its been a minute since i’ve posted.  Hmm where to begin.  I’ve been good 🙂 I told Cakes how I felt, that I couldn’t continue this song and dance and he’s adamant about the fact that he’s serious this time.  He’s just in a situation.  Which of course made me laugh cause when I met him I was in a situation.  I was in the middle of breaking up with Hun and moving out…ugh.  I’m not waiting around, I’m not gonna continue to let him play with my heart.  I told him I’m on chill until its over…my heart deserves more

Registering for one of the two classes I have left for my paralegal certificate.  I wish I could register for both however one is in the middle of the work day so that’s a no go which is annoying.  After I finish these two classes I’m gonna study for the paralegal exam lets see how that goes LOL

My plan to travel more before I settle down and have kids is in full effect.  First stop Myrtle Beach next week, Miami the 3rd weekend in June, Jamaica in December and cruise in Feb of 2013.  Between all that I plan to go to NY for a day, go to Atlanta and hopefully make it back to Miami in Aug..gotta stay busy

I need to work on posting more..esp since I have the app on my iPhone lol