I promise I do certain things to torture myself. I saw a recent pic that the ex posted and in the background BAMN a pic of him and her. It prob wouldn’t hurt so bad if he hadn’t been telling me all this time that she is in the process of moving out. If she is why is there still a pic on the wall and a pic taken in a same similar pose that we took one.

Like I seriously almost went to the bathroom and cried. I however agreed this weekend to really move on. I found a church to join and I’m getting him out of my system. Of course I also know that since I’ve stated that the temptation will be even stronger now ugh


Tuesday Thoughts

Sometimes I wish I could get paid to travel year round like a travel agent. Beach, drinks all that year round but such is life lol

I’m so looking forward to the weekend I don’t know what to do with myself. Finally getting my nose pierced of course I hate but bein that I have 3 tattoos I figure I can handle it but I will def make a huge fuss over it lol

Going to my lil god sisters graduation party so I need to find something to wear. I have a green skirt might try a blue shirt with that we shall see sometimes you have to step out the box I’m learning that

I’m gonna head back to my gym routine come Tuesday I gained 5 pds not good. I mean in the grand scheme of things that’s nothing but when you have 50 pds to go it mean a lot

Yah I posted more than one time this month 🙂

Weekend in Review

SO posting everyday didn’t go so well over the weekend but who cares LOL

Nothing too serious occurred I was suppose to be heading to Miami this weekend but since its Fathers Day that got thrown out the window and i’ll be going to visit the fam.  I usually try to go home once a month just because going any longer means I’m scared my nephews, neice and godchildren won’t recognize me (far from the truth but that’s what i tell myself lol)  I haven’t been home since April so yea its killin me right now and if I didn’t go home this weekend then I wouldn’t be able to go home till July…so I guess everything happens for a reason 🙂

Ducky came over (that’s the ex’s nickname) we chatted ate some pizza made plans to hang out again on Sunday and once again I fell into the trap..shoot me, kick me, slap me..I can’t seem to stop punishing myself.  I’ve contemplated changing my number which I just might do cause LORD knows I need to get over him.  I’m much better than I was but clearly not where I wanna be in this situation.

Sunday I spent some QT with Spidey..I’ve known him for almost 7 years I think. He’s stated over and over that he wants to be more however he admits that he’s not where he should be in life which I can appreciate.  Plus he has a little girl, not sure if I can handle being attached to a kid and it not work out…been there done that not going there right now

Next weekend i’m off to hang out in NC for the weekend to hang out with Q.  A cutie I met while in SC on vacation…nothing too serious…I like to get away way not spend it with someone attractive LOL

Its funny how when you stop paying attention to folks they wanna come around and try to act like you did them wrong LOL

Lets see if I can post tomorrow LOL

Pulling Cards

Ok so someone…a blogger/friend called me out about not blogging.  Yes I use to blog all the time sometimes twice a day.  I became a slacker and I do need to blog more.  Its therapy sometimes and other times its like reality smacking you in the face which can be a bit much to handle at times.

I even downloaded the wordpress app so I could blog on the go.  Sometimes I struggle with blogging about EVERYTHING that’s going on…but like FB I realized that blogging doesn’t have to mean revealing everything lol cause some of you guys might be like dang honey is off da CHAIN…I can be yes LOL

SO starting today…i’m gonna try to blog for 7 days straight even if its a quick these are my thoughts…

so BAMN there you go LOL