Flirty 30!!

So this past Saturday I turned 30! I was scared at first because I mean 30….its like a middle of the road. My LS couldn’t have put it a great way when she said its like you can no longer be foolish or accept foolishness you’re too old for that now….and I def believe that

The ex text me…i said thank you….left it at that…I don’t need drama…I think turning 30 and spending it with those who love me def broke a levy so to speak…

Friday I was off so I took the time to run some errands and hang out with Spidey who is hilarious and I have loads of fun with him but I can’t see a future with him…he still has a lot of growing up to do. We went out that night with one of my girls and my bday was brought in cutting a rug.

Saturday my LS and I went out to lunch at a breakfast brunchery in Annapolis and then hit the mall. I truly love spending time with her and the fact that I can talk to her about anything is an added plus. That night I once again cut up in the city after partying for a few hours I went to Fuegos. If you know the song bands will make her dance then yea you know what I’m referring to LOL. I had a BLAST…I’m def not a prude when it comes to that and I don’t go to often so getting in at 7am def won’t happen again for a long long time LOL

So all in all the bday weekend was def one for the books

I’m def stepping back to evaluate people and things in my life….because if they caused me grief in my 20s they def don’t need to be around in my 30s and I’m ok with that. Whatever God has for me is for me, and when I’m ready to accept what he has he will give it to me 🙂 I feel really at peace for some odd reason but I’m thankful 🙂

I’m ready for whatever 30 brings!! It can only get better from here


Why does it hurt so bad….

Whitney Houston has been in my head all day long. Thought I was over you but I keep crying when I dont love you….

IA came to visit…he was a breath of fresh air, despite a mini sarcastic argument we had all was well and we had a blast!I cooked Friday night and we drank and talked which doesn’t happen to often when I go home cause he’s always working. Saturday I made breakfast and we went to the Smithsonian Natural History museum and had lunch in the city.  Came back and rested while he put music on his phone for the ride back and then proceeded to party the night away in the city.  I think I did my job cause he was passed out as soon as we got back in Sat/Sun morning and we slept off and on all day Sunday until the football games came on.

Then I was on the couch and he was in the room LOL…commerical breaks and half times are the only time i went in there cause man does he get excited during the games LOL but it was def nice to have him around while running thru my mind was the fact that the EX got married….mind you two days before the wedding he was asking me for one more for the road….yea uh huh.

I feel some type of way about it, to the point where I would blank out occassionally and IA would be like what’s wrong…I finally told him yesterday that the EX got married…dont know if he put two and two together but such is life.  I’ve deleted him from my phone, no point in calling or texting from my end or his.  I pray that he’s changed but that’s none of my concern now.

Just pray for peace and for God to allow me to get over my hurt before it damages my next blessing 🙂