Mumbo Jumbo

So while dating, I’ve come across some weird ones and some pretty decent ones. I guess I’ve just gotten picky lately which could be a good thing but can lead to boredom occasionally lol

While going thru this process of meeting new people I’ve come across one person who kinds popped back up. We will call him college crush. Now college crush is hilarious he makes me laugh and is just as silly if not sillier than me. However, during the course of us getting back in touch he has been married, divorced and has 5 kids. Uh yea 5 lol all by his wife and they are beautiful children but of course like my dad says you gotta think about that future aspect when you’re dealing with someone who has children.

Freshmen year after a random on campus party my girlfriends and I ran into this group of guys. One of them went to school with us but the others were his cousins, we ended up hanging weekends after that and staying up all night laughing and joking. Crush and I talked every day I thought things were awesome….until he disappeared. First time away from home, in a new environment and I experience my first experience with love confusion lol what did I do what happened all that.

I of course got over it, moved on and lived life. Well up he pops a few years ago when I dated ex and I told him I was involved. Up he pops again and now I’m single and so is he. He wants to get to know one another again, see where it could lead. He’s apologized and explained more than once about what occurred all those years ago and I’ve forgiven him. He’s a different person, more involved in church and is on the minister track. I am in the church, not like I should but I’m wondering when the time comes will I be really ready to date someone who wants to have their own church.

I guess only time will tell….


3 thoughts on “Mumbo Jumbo

  1. You know what they say, “third time’s a charm”.

    In all seriousness, you never know what the future holds. The best part of dating is learning just as much about yourself as you do about the other person/people. Your father is right (you knew that already), you have to think about the future, but you can also live for the moment. You never know, you could be the first lady of a church one day. 😉

  2. Ditto ^^^^

    In all seriousness there is no harm in dating him again. My only advice to you would be to leave the past there & start fresh

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