Living the Single LIfe

So as stated in previous posts, I’ve decided that its time for me to re-enter the dating world.  Now for someone who only goes to work, maybe the gym and travels every chance she gets to visit her babies (niece and nephews)….dating can be tricky thing. 

A guy friend of mine (who i actualy met when I was on BP in college and have only met twince but we talk every day LOL) told me to check out POF (plently of fish).  I said ok what the heck, I filled out the profile back in November and since then have hidden and unhidden my profile so many times i stopped counting.  However, I decided that since I’m not helping myself by not going out…then I need to make a better effort on putting myself out there…dating wise.  So unhide again, and crossing my fingers I decided to dive back in.  Now since November I’ve meet some ok guys and I’ve met some weirdos.  Insert Veggie boy….that part didn’t bother me, what bothered me was him scheduling a date…then not texting till 4pm the day of the date to say we were gonna reschedule due to a hangover…ummm dont do that…earlier is always better…so he was already on thin ice..then his convo got weird he was acting like we were already together…and requesting pics that I had posted to FB..umm for what boo…look at that pic and be satisfied LOL…then I decided to follow him on IG…wrong…he dressed like someones Dad…i’m not saying i dress like a fashion model but I can’t do the whole old man button down shirts.  I need you to have at least 2 pairs of sneakers….he didn’t own even that(found that out when i suggested we meet up to bowl)  Yea so he fell off, which was kinda sad cause he was cool to talk to on the phone.

Then there are the random guys who message me, asking why are you up here..what are you looking for…umm read my profile.  I generally ignore those ones and the ones that have so much slang in them i wish the site had a translate button LOL

At any rate, if he aint got what im looking for…there is no harm in telling him i’m not interested.  Aint nobody got time for that….lol


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