Wedding Season

So I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that my little sister is getting married. The middle one not the youngest one. I pray she knows I love her and that I am happy for her but chic calls me like 2 times a day LOL Sometimes I answer normally other times I tell her she’s reached Dominos Pizza and we are closed LOL I’m happy she has found someone to spend the rest of her life with and they are def made for one another, but GEEZ LE WESE (I’m sure I prob spelled that wrong..that’s how fried my brain is). From here on out it’s gonna get busier, I already sense it. I was suppose to stay in the area this weekend but have to head home for big sister/maid of honor duties…good thing one of my friends is going down as well cause I’m riding with her. Goldie (my car) needs some work done, since she failed inspection (i think she did it on purpose just so she could get new shoes..but i digress). So at any rate she will be sitting until the end of the month until every thing on her is brought up to par. I’ve been slacking on posting and thought that since I downloaded the wordpress app on my mini that I would post more, when in fact I’ve found myself reading more LOL…lets hope I post more…writing is therapy 🙂


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